Targeted Display

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, captivate your audience through a visual ad, or show ads to those who previously visited your website, then Display Advertising is for you.

Display Advertising, much like a billboard, will help to build  brand equity for business although it has a directional component with our targeting technology
Deliver your message to qualified users anywhere they go on the web

Campaigns 100% “programmatic” via “Real Time Bidding (RTB)” but managed daily by a native-English speaking, US-based human
Target your audience by Contextual Targeting, Search Keyword Targeting, Contextual Keyword Targeting,
Mobile App Targeting, Device Targeting, Operating System Targeting, Geo-targeting (down to 0.001km accuracy),
Daypart Targeting, Demographic Targeting (Age, Gender, Income, etc.)
Behavioral Targeting (Brand affinity, occupation, property ownership, buying habits, hobbies, etc.)
Credit History Targeting, IP Targeting, Publisher Targeting, Placement Targeting (above the fold, below the fold, etc.)
Psychographic Targeting (career oriented, family oriented, control freak, etc.)

“Re-market” to customers (“re-targeting”) who have been to your website
Display Retargeting is the process of serving Display Ads to people who have visited certain pages on your website
Retargeting, much like the frequency of other messaging types, keeps your brand “top of mind” for consumers
A Remarketing Tag or code will be provided to you to place on some or all of you website pages
It can take up to 30 days to build your Remarketing “list” and then…consumers will experience the illusion that they see your ad everywhere!
Change your messaging often to push consumers down the purchase funnel

•Optimization:  Whether your goal is to maximize qualified impressions, to drive clicks to your website, or to generate conversions and leads (fill out a form, request a quote, make an appointment, sign up for a sweepstakes or newsletter, etc.) – your campaign will suit your goals